• Lo que debo saber: It's time to sit down and eat. Can be quite an experience. Our centre has everything you need for this moment.

The fact of eating at the nursery, like other habits that the child should acquire in this new area, can become an obstacle at first, but also a great learning opportunity, a school of sociability and conviviality that will help in their development and their ability to cope with new situations. At home, lunch and dinner are a struggle: your child can demonstrate to you a thousand and one things and they show they have no appetite at all. Parents are afraid that in the nursery they will do the same. .However you can have a big surprise in the nursery they eat with an appetite and do not leave anything on the plate. It may also be the case that they want to repeat and they even eat food that they would never eat before.. The explanation is psychological: for the little one, it is more fun to eat with friends than do it at home with mom and dad, who often talk to each other or are concerned about the amount of food the child takes. Furthermore, in the nursery, the mechanism of "emulation" is activated: the child sees his team mates eat and feels encouraged to do the same. Thus, eating at the nursery can be beneficial for the whole family as well as your child.